Skelekey Escape Necklaces, Regular & Winged Death

Image of Skelekey Escape Necklaces, Regular & Winged Death
On sale

Prototype Skelekey Escape Necklaces heading out to the Where The Wild Things Are for live alpha testing.
Bonus Loki decal with all necklaces while supplies last!
Winged Death $18, Regular $13. Ninja Cut Away Angle Shaft, please add $ tree-fifdy.($3.50).
Kevlar cord, simple knot. Breakaways are strongly advised and will be incorporated in later versions,but these are ready for prime time.
Wings are set w/ single post and are a bit delicate, so please grip by skull and not wings when unlocking handcuffs if at all possible. Skulls are solid. Not intended for unlawful use. Be safe. Rock on.