Bump Key Set

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Coyote Mountain Now Has Bump Keys!
Bump Keys are another technique for bypassing locks besides picking.
5 Key Bump Key Set.
Key Listing:
Schlage E, F, & C keys, Yale Y2, Sargent LA, Arrow 6 pin, M10 Master 5 pin, American 5 pin, KW10 or Kwikset 6 pin.
All are 6 pin main keys, the padlocks are 5 pin.
Videos showing technique can easily be found online, but basically it involves selecting the proper fitting key and tapping with a small tool to create a percussion wave that temporarily lifts the pins while the key is being turned, allowing normal operation.
(This product is currently under testing but results are very promising)
Not for illicit or illegal use. For locksport /whitehat/pentesters/property managers/leomilint/ operating use only.
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